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Protect your business and its property with Tomchesson Insurance Agency. We have a wide range of commercial products including Business Auto, General Liability, Business Owner Packages, Landlord Exposures, Commercial Buildings, and Inland Marine coverage. Our business insurance plans are available through both admitted and non-admitted companies.

Admitted Insurance companies are licensed and regulated by The Texas Department of Insurance. The policy forms the company uses and rates it charges policyholders have all been reviewed and approved by the state.

Non Admitted Insurance or Surplus Lines Insurance is offered through surplus lines brokers who are specially licensed by the state. Non Admitted / Surplus does not mean the companies are not financially stable or priced competitively. Most are large, financially secure, well known companies. They are able to offer coverage for high or unique risks that admitted carriers will not accept. These carriers are not required to file rates or forms with the state but must be approved by The Texas Department of Insurance to conduct business in Texas. Freedom of rates gives these companies the ability to adjust their pricing depending on the market and type of risk covered. Surplus Lines Brokers are required to make diligent efforts to place risk with admitted insurers prior to accessing the surplus lines market.


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